In 1871, the Villa and the associated ‘180 Mine’ on the New Chum Reef was bought by George Lansell who had become successful in his gold mining interests and investments. With his continuing success in deep mining, Lansell undertook major extensions to his home, and in fact continued this expansion and decoration of Fortuna until his death almost 40 years later. Fortuna Villa remains remarkably intact as a house even though it has served as a busy workplace for 65 years. Stained glass, elaborate ceilings, grand cedar and blackwood staircase, solid marble baths, extensive acid-etched glasswork (conservatory)are some ofthe architectural features that contribute to the outstanding ‘feel’ of the structure. The Fortuna grounds cover some 7.57 ha. and feature an ornamental lake, garden, a ‘Roman-Bath’ and the ‘Pompeii Fountain’. The original quartz-crushing battery building, stables and coach house remain close to the main villa. The magnificent villa itself is the aspirational centerpiece to this remarkable property. It is set inbotanic-style gardens featuring established trees. George Lansell’s historic talisman has hosted some iconic characters itself, including leaders and diplomats, Dame Nellie Melba and even HRH the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Edinburgh. This is only the second time that this remarkable property has changed hands in over 140 years.